Teresa Schapansky: Author of  The Pakhtun Immigrant

A touching book about one man dedicated to the dream of making his family's life better. To do so, he breaks from the roots of his culture, class, and even his family to go in search of a new destiny in a far away land. What he goes through is tortuous, yet his foothold on a new generational blueprint changes the lives of those following him. This is a story of true heroism.

KASI ILIOPOULOS:   How to Create Positive Energy in your Space

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why you suddenly felt tired? Well, Kasi Iliopoulos knows why. This fabulous author talks about energy, what it is, and ways that it gets cluttered and blocks your life. She offers exercises for clearing, uncluttering, and freeing up you home and your psyche. This book is an uncluttered must-read.

Igor Esileev:  One-Two

This young Russian author writes about the depths of humanity's underworld. His book is a non-stop story of suffering and salvation, with Russian history thrown into the mix. He has much to say about the condition of the human race, and when faced with the most unkind of circumstances,  he reveals how others survive in a world that often turns the other way.  Who doesn't become irritable when vulnerable people emerge with hands outstretched? What will Igor have to say about the steady march of misfits who stay outside the margins of society? What impact does their alienation have upon the rest of the human race?

Beth McCue, Oceans Ending

This author is not afraid to take her readers on a journey into other dimensions. She weaves her imagination into her characters' foibles, as loved ones become sinister and acquaintances become suspicious, in the frightening scheme of her main character's struggle. This character has a terrible secret. She knows she cannot reveal it as she searches for help - but who can she trust? Will she take the journey alone to face her terror? Who should she save? What the character does is frightening and heroic; the earth's shadows reveal the destruction lying in wait behind every moment, and she must offer a terrible sacrifice to combat the planet's ultimate destiny.