I enjoy reading literary fiction and non-fiction. My preferred genres are psychological thrillers, suspense, memoirs, biographies, history, psychology, spirituality, education, and art. 

I do not want to read Christian literature and heavy erotica at this time.

My rating system: 

♜♜♜ ♜♜ - Excellent Writing

Literary:  Organized edited writing with developed characters and a fast-moving plot. 

Non-fiction: Well-laid out informative writing that usually includes research.

♜♜♜♜ - Very Good Writing

Literary - Interesting and captivating writing. A book to enjoy and recommend to other readers.

Non-fiction: A book with interesting and original information backed by a strong writing premise. 

♜♜♜ - Good Writing

Literary - A good book that has awesome appeal but may need a small amount of tweaking. 

Non-fiction:  A book with interesting concepts and ideas but may need light revision 

If I rate any book aor a ♜♜, I will contact the author and make suggestions for improvement. I know how much work it takes to write a book, and every hopeful author deserves a chance to rewrite before getting a lousy review. 

To request a review from me, please fill out the contact form with the book's title, author name, and genre. 

Thank you for letting me part of your writing journey.

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